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Mena TV is an Arab channel that broadcasts from the Cypriot capital, Nicosia, to the Arab world. supervised by specialists in art and culture and linked to service companies in Egypt, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait. It also provides production services and technical support to many Arab and African countries.


Mena the name of the channel is derived from a term used to express the Middle east region or Southwest Asia, which is commonly called the “Middle East” and “North Africa” together.

The channel content is variety of entertainment, specializing in showing Arab dramas and series, Turkish dramas and series, Arab and foreign films, political and social programs and many other varied music and song.


Mena TV is one of the open channels that broadcasts its programs and content for free 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The channel is distinguished by the absence of annoying advertising breaks for viewers in Egypt and the Arab world,

For viewers in Egypt and the Arab world, you can now receive the frequency of the new Mena TV channel on the Nilesat satellite, with a high signal without cutting or cracking, by directing the satellite dish towards the Nile Sat moon at the orbital position 7 West.


The frequency of the new Mena TV channel 2021 on Nilesat:


* Frequency: 12688.

*Polarization: vertical V.

*Coding rate: 30000.

* Error correction factor: 3/4.

*Satellite: Nilesat 7 West.

*Channel name: MenaTV.