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وصول ضيفة إلى مهرجان كان السينمائي الــ75، 17 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي

A guest arrives at the 75th Cannes Film Festival, May 17, 2022

تُظهر هذه المجموعة من الصور القمر في مراحل مختلفة من الخسوف الكلي في تمبل سيتي بكاليفورنيا، 15 مايو 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي

This set of images shows the moon in different phases of a total eclipse in Temple City, California, May 15, 2022.

الرياضية الفيتنامية خؤات فيونغ (يسار) يحتفي بفوزها في نهائي سباق الجريء في العاصمة الفيتنامية هانوي، 16 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي

Vietnamese athlete Khwat Phung (left) celebrates her victory in the running final in Hanoi, Vietnam, May 16, 2022.

الشرطة الإسرائيلية تعتدي على مشيعي مراسلة قناة الجزيرة في القدس، 13 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي

Israeli police assault mourners of Al-Jazeera correspondent in Jerusalem, May 13, 2022
الأنوار في المباني السكنية في ماريوبول، 15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Lights in apartment buildings in Mariupol, May 15, 2022
المغنية شانيل الإسبانية خلال مسابقة الأغاني الأوروبي في مدينة نورينو الإيطالية، 14 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Spanish singer Chanel during the European Song Contest in Norino, Italy, May 14, 2022
الشرطة الهندية تستخدم خراطيم المياه لقمع الاحتجاجات في المدينة الهندية كولكاتا، 18 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Indian police use water cannon to quell protests in the Indian city of Kolkata, May 18, 2022
الملكة البريطانية إليزابيث الثناية أثناء معرض رويال ويندسور، 15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II at the Royal Windsor Fair, May 15, 2022
الاحتفال بيوم اليابان في نيوروك الأمريكية، 14 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Celebration of Japan Day in Newark, USA, May 14, 2022
رهبان بوذيون ضغار يؤدون الصلاة بمناسبة يوم ميلاد بوذا، 14 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Young Buddhist monks pray for Buddha’s birthday, May 14, 2022
سكان مدينة لاهور الهندية يتبردون أيام اشتداد الحرارة،15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Residents of the Indian city of Lahore cool down during the heat, May 15, 2022
المدافع عن البيئة روب غرينفيلد يتجول في بيفرلي هيلز مرتديا بدلة من المهملات، 16 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Environmental advocate Rob Greenfield walking around Beverly Hills in a trash suit, May 16, 2022
الرئيس البرازيلي جايير بولسونارو يركب الدراجة المائية في بحيرة بارانوا، 15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro rides a jet-bike on Lake Paranoa, May 15, 2022
سكان بيروت في أحد المسابح، 15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Beirut residents in a swimming pool, May 15, 2022
الشيخ سعود بن راشد المعلا يصافح الشيخ محمد بن زايد آل نهيان، 14 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Sheikh Saud bin Rashid Al Mualla shaking hands with Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, May 14, 2022
طاقم طبي يقوم باختبار سريع فيروس كورونا في العاصمة الصينية بكين، 18 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Medical staff perform a rapid test for the coronavirus in the Chinese capital, Beijing, May 18, 2022
فتيات ترتدين فساتين زفاف في رحلة حج في إسبانيا، 15 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Girls wear wedding dresses on a pilgrimage to Spain, May 15, 2022
صياد عراقي خلال العاصفة الترابية في البصرة، 16 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
An Iraqi fisherman during a dust storm in Basra, May 16, 2022
تعرض نساء أيمارا إبداعات مصمم محلي في عرض شوليتا للأزياء في إل ألتو البوليفية، 19 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Aymara women display the creations of a local designer at the Chulita Fashion Show in El Alto, Bolivia, May 19, 2022
متظاهر مصاب بالغاز المسيل للدموع خلال مواجهات مع الشرطة في العاصمة السريلانكية، 19 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
A protester injured by tear gas during clashes with police in the Sri Lankan capital, May 19, 2022
قطارات انقلبت نتيجة الانهيارات الأرضية في ولاية آسام الهندية، 17 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Trains capsized as a result of landslides in the Indian state of Assam, May 17, 2022
دجاجة قبل انطلاق مسابقة الجمال في ماليزيا، 14 مايو عام 2022  - سبوتنيك عربي
A chicken before the start of the beauty contest in Malaysia, May 14, 2022
أطول جسر معلّق عالميا في التشيك، 13 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
The world’s longest suspension bridge in the Czech Republic, May 13, 2022
فتيات يركبن سيارة أمريكية كلاسيكية في العاصمة الكوبية هافانا، 16 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
Girls ride a classic American car in Havana, Cuba, May 16, 2022
طاقم يقوم بترتيب دراجات عامة غير مستخدمة بسبب انتشار فيروس كورونا في العاصمة الصينية بكين، 16 مايو عام 2022 - سبوتنيك عربي
A crew arranges public bicycles unused due to the spread of the Corona virus in the Chinese capital, Beijing, May 16, 2022


India’s partition with Pakistan: A look at the history

Polarised by religion, friends and neighbors turned on each other. Hundreds of thousands were killed and millions displaced. The atrocities were horrific; pregnant women and infants were not spared.

That was the unexpected result of Britain’s haphazard plan to leave the subcontinent in 1947 after nearly three centuries and split it into Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan, itself carved into two regions more than 1,000 miles apart.

The partition, as the division came to be known, triggered one of the biggest migrations in history.

It would forever change the face and geopolitics of South Asia; almost 25 years later, for instance, Bangladesh was born from East Pakistan.

Some historians argue that partition would have been unnecessary had Britain granted self-rule earlier to India, where Hindus and Muslims had lived side by side for centuries.

But the idea of a separate state for British India’s Muslims had gained traction by the 1930s even though it was opposed by Mahatma Gandhi. A decade later, Britain was reeling from World War II and prepared to hand over power.

The demand for Pakistan, led by Muhammad Ali Jinnah of the All-India Muslim League, contributed to one of the biggest Hindu-Muslim riots in India in August 1946, when at least 2,000 people were killed over five days in Calcutta (now Kolkata), then the capital of the province of Bengal.

Over the next few months more communal fighting followed, especially in Bengal and Punjab, another area with a large mixed population that also included Sikhs.

As India and Pakistan prepared for independence, Jinnah, set to be president of the Muslim-majority state, proclaimed a liberal Pakistan.

And on Aug 15, Jawaharlal Nehru, the first prime minister of India, famously celebrated his nation’s independence and “tryst with destiny”. But trouble was already afoot.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, the recently appointed last viceroy of British India, had not yet revealed where the new borders, which created East and West Pakistan with India wedged between the two, would be. That would come two days later, on Aug 17.

Muslims left India for Pakistan, mostly heading west, while Hindus and Sikhs made the opposite journey.

As many as 20 million people fled. Both sides left devastation in their wake. Documentation is scarce, but hundreds of thousands, and as many as two million people, were killed. There are no tallies for how many were raped.

“It’s a really, really massive part of world history,” said Guneeta Singh Bhalla, founder of the 1947 Partition Archive, a decade-old oral history project. “It has really defined where we are culturally, sociologically, politically,” she said of South Asia.

Most Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis today were born a generation after partition. But its repercussions endure.

India and Pakistan have fought three wars, skirmishing often over claims to Kashmir, India’s only Muslim-majority state. The liberal ideals espoused by the founders of both countries now appear to be forgotten to history.



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Britney Spears’ ex-husband convicted of crashing her wedding

A man once briefly married to Britney Spears has been convicted of aggravated trespassing and battery after appearing uninvited at the pop star’s wedding in June.

Jason Alexander, 40, pleaded no contest to two misdemeanour counts in a California court, prosecutors in Ventura County said.

Spears married Sam Asghari at her home in Thousand Oaks, California, on 9 June. The wedding guests included Selena Gomez, Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton and Madonna.

Alexander, a childhood friend of Spears to whom she was married for less than three days in 2004, appeared uninvited at the house before the ceremony while livestreaming on Instagram.

He entered the house and went up to the locked door of Spears’ bedroom while she was inside getting ready for the wedding, according to testimony at a preliminary hearing.

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Rare McLaren Elva flown in from US among supercars in photo shoot at the Padang

Adding to the shine on Sunday night (Aug 7) at the Padang were 38 supercars gathered for a colorful photo shoot under the city’s lights.

In the line-up were rare high-performance sports cars such as the Koenigsegg Agera RS Genesis, which can cover more than 127m a second, and the open-top McLaren Elva, which was specially flown in.

The Padang is the latest landmark chosen for the annual photo shoot organised by supercar enthusiast club Scuderia FSG, which marks its 11th anniversary this year. The club’s previous photo shoot destinations included a private hangar in Seletar Airbase and Pasir Panjang Power Station.

Scuderia FSG vice-president Kevin Lim, 41, said the photo shoot at the Padang was a special occasion for the club’s members, with it taking place so close to the nation’s 57th birthday.

“I think what struck me the most was the significance of the place, as well as how beautiful the backdrop looked,” he added.

The Padang, which was officially gazetted as Singapore’s 75th national monument on Tuesday, has been the site of countless historic events in the nation’s history.

The 4.3ha site, roughly the size of six football fields, was where the first National Day Parade had taken place in 1966.

Lim said: “The Padang is such an important place from a national perspective, so I’m glad we managed to take photos there.

“With the Formula One Singapore Grand Prix taking place next month, it also just seemed apt that we shot there.”

The Padang is part of the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore’s F1 race.

Apart from the McLaren Elva, three other McLaren supercars, the Sabre, Senna and Speedtail, were to have been flown in from the United States for the shoot, but were not included as they could not be released from the port in time.

Regardless, the number of cars still posed a challenge for Adrian Wong, 34, who took the photos.

He had to line up all the cars with only their headlights and the ambient light guiding him.

“But the end result was worth it,” said the commercial photographer.



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