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Hundreds of migrating songbirds crash into NYC skyscrapers



Hundreds of birds migrating through New York City this week died after crashing into the city’s glass towers, a mass casualty event spotlighted by a New York City Audubon volunteer’s tweets showing the World Trade Center littered with bird carcasses.

This week’s avian death toll was particularly high, but bird strikes on Manhattan skyscrapers are a persistent problem that NYC Audubon has documented for years, said Kaitlyn Parkins, the group’s associate director of conservation and science.

Stormy weather Monday night into Tuesday contributed to the deaths, she said.

“We had a big storm and sort of weird weather and lots of birds, and that’s sort of the perfect combination that can lead to bird-window collisions,” Parkins said.

“It seems that the storm might have brought the birds in lower than they would have otherwise have been, or just disoriented them,” Parkins added. “The effects of nocturnal light on birds is also quite strong, especially when it’s a cloudy night.”

Volunteers with NYC Audubon document bird deaths at high-risk spots during the spring and fall migrations.

Melissa Breyer, the volunteer who tweeted about finding nearly 300 birds on sidewalks surrounding the new World Trade Center towers, said the experience was “overwhelming.”

“As soon as I got to the buildings, the birds were everywhere on the sidewalk,” Breyer said. “Looking north, covered, south, covered, west, covered, the sidewalks were literally covered with birds.”

NYC Audubon wants the owners of the World Trade Center towers and other buildings to help reduce the number of bird strikes by dimming the lights at night and by treating glass to make it more visible to birds.

“Make it so that they can see it and recognize that it’s a solid barrier that they cannot fly through,” Parkins said.

Jordan Barowitz, a spokesperson for the Durst Organization, co-developer of One World Trade Center, said in an email, “The first 200 feet of One WTC are encased in glass fins that are non-reflective. This design was chosen because it greatly reduces bird strikes which mostly occur below 200 feet and are frequently caused by reflective glass.”

Dara McQuillan, a spokesperson for Silverstein Properties, the developer of three other trade center skyscrapers, said, “We care deeply for wild birds and protecting their habitat in the five boroughs. Understanding that artificial night-time lighting in general can attract and disorient migrating birds, we are actively encouraging our office tenants to turn off their lights at night and lower their blinds wherever possible, especially during the migratory season.”

It wasn’t the last flight for all the birds that crashed. Some survived.

A total of 77 birds were taken to the Wild Bird Fund’s rehab facility on the Upper West Side on Tuesday, the majority of them from the trade center area, director Ritamary McMahon said.

“We knew it was going to be a large migration coming in. They could tell from the radar,” said McMahon, who scheduled extra staff to care for an expected influx of injured birds.

The Wild Bird Fund staff members gave the birds food, fluids and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling.
Thirty birds recovered and were released in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park on Wednesday, McMahon said.

“One of our staff took an Uber down to Prospect Park to release them so they wouldn’t face any more tall buildings on their travels,” she said.


Falcons auction in the Gulf continues to set records



The prices of falcons in Saudi Arabia continue to set records, as three falcons were sold for 261,000 Saudi riyals (69,585) on Sunday evening, as part of the activities of the thirteenth night of the Saudi Falcons Club auction.

The Saudi Press Agency “SPA” reported the details, where the first falcon, a Shaheen chick, was sold for 60,000 riyals, while the second falcon was sold for 87 thousand riyals, and the third falcon was sold for 114,000 Saudi riyals.

It is noteworthy that the most expensive falcon in the Kingdom was bought by Mansour bin Zayed, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs in the UAE, for a sum of one million and 750 thousand Saudi riyals (about 466,000 US dollars).

He explained that its price amounted to one million and 750,000 Saudi riyals (about 466,000 US dollars), noting that “this falcon distinguished itself in its kind farm where it grew up.

The Kingdom in particular and the Gulf states in general attach great importance to raising falcons. Saudi Arabia organizes several exhibitions for it, and the falcon market generates millions of dollars annually.

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The global “economic paralysis” catastrophe is monitored from space by NASA



The US space agency “NASA” has captured unique images, which, according to experts, are considered a dangerous indicator of the current global economic paralysis in international supply chains.

The ASTER instrument, which is dedicated to measuring radiation of reflection and thermal emissions installed on a NASA satellite in space, captured a unique picture indicating the disruption of global supply chains, a frightening international economic indicator, according to experts.
The image taken shows more than 70 ships waiting to dock and unloading cargo in the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, which caused the supply chain crisis to not be able to unload the cargo.

According to the scientific magazine “scitechdaily”, the increasing demand for goods in general and consumer goods in particular, in conjunction with the lack of employment, bad weather and the disruption of the supply chain group due to the Corona virus crisis, is contributing to the accumulation of cargo ships in ports around the world.

In its report, the magazine noted that the problem of the accumulation of ships around the ports is not limited to the ports of Los Angeles, but rather spreads in many American ports, such as the ports of New York, New Jersey, Georgia and Texas.

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About 900,000 dollars, the price of the end of a romantic relationship in the Emirates between a young man and a girl older than him



The UAE courts witnessed mutual accusations between a young man and a girl whose romantic relationship ended, demanding that he return a sum of money amounting to 3,319,000 dirhams (896,130 dollars).
In the details of the case, the girl claimed that the young man received from her a sum of 3 million and 319 thousand dirhams, which he had promised her to marry.

A young man took the legal oath before the Abu Dhabi Court of First Instance, denying the fact that he had received the amount, and told the court: “The girl was the one who was chasing him for marriage, because she was older than him and did not get married,” according to the local newspaper, Al Bayan.

The girl demanded the court to compel the defendant to take an oath, to prove her right, since she did not take any official documents from him, proving her right to the money she gave him, as a debt, thinking that the relationship between them will end in marriage.

The girl added that she got to know the young man through the conversation program, and he illusioned her that he has an important position, and works in several projects and auctions of used vehicles, and he asked her to lend him an amount, with the aim of investing him in the field of real estate, and she gave him her bank card, and transferred sums of money through Exchange companies, the total amounted to 3 million and 310 thousand dirhams.

Looking into the case, the defendant admitted that he knew the complainant, and was communicating with her with the intention of marriage, and that he told her that he did not want to continue with her, because he was married to another, and that she was older than him, pointing out that the complainant was the one who owed him a sum of money, then returned it to him through the exchange And he denies receiving any money.

He pointed out that the complainant was the one who handed him her bank card, on the grounds that she was traveling, so that he could return the amount from her, denying the validity of receiving the amount of one million and one hundred and eighty thousand dirhams from the complainant’s account.

For its part, the court clarified in the merits of its ruling that the complainant based her claim on the fact that she withdrew cash from her personal account and handed it over to the defendant as a loan, and that she transferred amounts through exchange companies, and the defendant took the money using her credit card.

The court indicated that it is not sufficient merely to transfer funds from the complainant in favor of the defendant, to say that there is a loan or debt between the two parties to the dispute, because the transfer fact in itself is nothing more than a mere transfer of funds, but it does not benefit from the fact that it is the transaction under which the funds were transferred. Accordingly, the court ruled to dismiss the case, while obligating the complainant to pay fees and expenses.

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